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Top-of-the-Line Products and Accessories

We only sell the finest Vape Products in the marketplace, for Vape Oil Carts with our top of the line Vape Cart Pens, as well as, flower product accessories such as Dry Vape Pens, Wax Pens, and many other related world class papers and accessories.

Because our expert Cannabis Sommelier’s procure only the finest products in the marketplace you can rest assured, that while we may not be the cheapest, we are your home for the finest quality products and accessories that function properly, look classy, and are built to last.

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World-Class Cannabis Oils, Flower, & Other Cannabis Products

Our expert Cannabis Sommelier’s procure only the finest Vape Oil products, Flower, and other THC & CBD items as gifts to our customers*. Only the District of Columbia's finest locally grown Cannabis is selected and tested by our expert Cannabis Sommeliers to ensure that our Client’s receive the finest gifted product in the market at all times. Our mission at Vape SommTM is to always make sure you are thrilled with your purchased products and your plethora of Gifts!

*We do not and legally cannot sell any THC related products, however, we are legally able to gift them. All Gifts must be made and consumed in the District of Columbia in strict accordance with District of Columbia Law.

About Us

Washington D.C.'s Premier Consierge Cannabis Sommelier

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We are the Premier Concierge Cannabis Sommeliers in Washington, D.C. Vape Somm's expert Cannabis Sommeliers utilize a comprehensive, selection and testing process for all our FREE GIFTED products, resulting in world class products and gifted vape cartridges and/or flower. Simply put, we stand by the fact that our Products, Service, and Free optional gifted strains are second to none. 

We cannot legally sell THC products under D.C. law. Therefore, our non profit operates on your generous donations of our free THC gifts and our appreciated standard delivery fee. We strickly comply with D.C. law for the protection of our clients and our non profit, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and respect of this non-negoitiable policy. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Private, Discrete Delivery (in Washington D.C. Only)

Please call us at (202) 716-0214 or connect with us using the form below.


We offer same day delivery for a flat rate $25 delivery fee on all orders and we offer
FREE same day delivery on all orders of $500 or more*.

Unfortunately, we can ONLY legally deliver orders containing gifts within
the District of Columbia to your address or an address of your choosing
within the District of Columbia.

*In order to assure same day delivery, kindly submit your orders as early in the day
as possible so that we can best accommodate your schedule.


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